Saturday, February 13, 2016

Play Match 3 Ice Cream Games Columns

A mix between the classic Tetris and the gameplay of the typical games (match 3) such as ice cream. If you liked the old game Columns from Sega or you want to give a try to a new mix between ice cream and Tetris, this adaptation will give you almost the same feelings.
Three game modes inside:
- Classic : destroy ice cream blocks as fast as you can until the top is reached.
- Surival Mode : prove how much points are you able to get highest score with limited time.
Other great features contained in the game:
- HD graphics adapted to your phone or tablet.
- Totally brand new high-scores system (each game mode has its own high-scores table), just log in with your google account and compete with people around the world.
- New sound effects implemented.
- Music compositions along the game
How to play:
- Each of the pieces that appear are formed by three ice cream blocks which can be swap the sequence by swipe up
- Swipe left or right to move
- and swipe down to move fast down
- every 3 ice cream blocks with same colors connected, you'll get score
Screenshoot :

Great fun to play with friends, who can go the highest in Ice Cream Columns.
We want to make "Columns Challenge" a game even better, so any comment is welcome, either through rating here or on our website. Thank you!
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